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Another busy month at the Bowlo October 2007:
There have been some great days this month with little rain and plenty of bowls happening, the greens are running great thanks to Tony, Brendan and Wes. Tony Morgan pictured below is the head green keeper at our club and is very conscientious about the condition and maintenance of all three paddocks. Without doubt our greens would be the best on all the North Coast thanks to these 3 guys. Tony has over 20 years of service to the Bowlo; time must be ticking away for the Rolex matey.

On the 24th October after the Coast Guard Meat and seafood tray raffles $3000 worth of electrical goods which were supplied by the Good Guys Ballina were raffled off, some great prizes were won and this was a reward bonus for the many people who buy raffle tickets.

Our AGM was held on the 21st October and all the directors were returned, the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is apt here. They have all done a terrific job in the running of the Club, Jack Bowden did not nominate for the position of chairman and has decided that after 17 years at the helm it was time to move to the backbenches, John Forshaw was the only nomination for chairman and is his successor. Results are: John Forshaw Chairman, Marie White and Alan Marsden Deputy, Wayne King, Jack Bowden, Robin Montague and Peter Koskela Directors. Jack and Ruth Bowden nominated Judy Sparrow for life membership and this was unanimously passed by the 120 or so members present. The Auditor said that the figures are strong and the Club is very well positioned financially. It was a very fast meeting and only a few questions were asked then it was off to the bar and the pies, chook wings and fish and chips.

Good news for Tuesday bowls, Sausage sizzle on every week now for only $2. Winners for chooks are drawn off the table and if we have 5 rinks we also draw losers off the table, this is a great day, great atmosphere, great mates, great bowls so come along for dare I say it a great day.

Bowls Days & Visits:

16th - we had the Evans Head Cricket day which raised over $500, 1 green full of bowlers ensured a great day.
19th - was the Ladies Gala (see Women’s Bowls Roundup)
23rd - we had a mixed visit from Seagulls Bowls club.
5th & 6th - the Urunga Bowls Club paid us a visit, they enjoyed the bowls and many commented on the quality of the Chinese food.
9th - 40 plus bowlers from Ipswich arrived and after 2 ends it was off to the Bar as rain prevented further play, the bowlers did not mind a few ales then sitting down to a Chinese smorgasbord.
13th – Customs Social bowls visit from Brisbane was a great day, great bowls and great food, what more could one ask for?.

Junior Roundup with Terry Sheen.

Junior bowls has improved in numbers considerably this year with a growth of nearly 100%, and we now have forty four junior bowlers registered with the Northern Rivers Bowling District. On home grounds things have been a little quiet. 
Sunday the 7th October was a practice day at Evans Head Bowling Club, where the juniors were put through their ability to draw consistent shots with a game of consistency singles. Our juniors fared very well, with our two girls Amanda and Stefanie Cselka playing exceptionally well.  Young Bradley Laurentizen, playing in his first trial game with the juniors, won his first game and played very good bowls to go down to a very experienced bowler Dylan Harris in his second game. 
Junior championships will start early in February with the 2008 singles.

Junior Practice day at the Bowlo - Terry Sheen Far right with The Juniors and Mums & Dads 

Championship Games for the Month:
Mixed Pairs:
Sue Downs and Barry Mallett had a comfortable win against Vicky Hart and Geoff Hetherington 27 to 12.
Win Beck and Wayne King got off to a flying start against Tania & Steve Cselka leading 18 to 4 early on in the game, there was a small comeback but it wasn’t enough for Steve and Tania dropping a five on the last end to go down 26 to 16. Alice and Col Peel had a great win against Phil Wernicke and Barb Lee 27 to 6, the Peels bowled magnificently to win this game; I think I put the mocker on Phil in the last write-up.
Big Slab Mallett and Sue Downs had an upset win over Jean Deuchar and Langy 24 to 18, Langy got off to his trademark flying start leading 14 to 3 mid way through the game but Slab & Sue came home strong towards the end with some great bowls going on to win 24 to 18. This was a fine win by Slab & Sue as the hot favorite has now been ousted; Langy and Jean were going for Trophy number 10. The Foxes had an extremely good win against Merle and Eric Swanson 35 to 12. Norm playing his best bowls so far in these championships. Eric said Norm could have beaten anyone in the club on this day.
Shaine and John Crosby pulled off the win of the month beating one of the favorite teams - Win Beck and Wayne King 17 to 16, a great comeback was made by the Crosby’s to reach 16 all on the 21st end, as a result an extra end was played and they got the one shot needed for the win. The Crosby’s run ended with Alice and Col Peel beating them in the next round 24 to 13, Alice played some magnificent bowls to secure a place in the final.
Norm Fox was on a mission and the next two to fall were Barry Mallett and Sue Downs, this was the game Norm wanted to win and he let a fair few people know this in the lead up to the game, they did just that and won it well. Norm with Mavis got off to a bad start with Barry and Sue leading 8 nil on the third end. Sue was playing some superb bowls in the first half of the game, but Norm put his head down and ass up to come home strong in the second half to record a great win 23 to 19 with some unbelievable draw bowls. The final between Norm and Mavis Fox and Alice Peel and Gary Hackett, Gary substituting for Col Peel is sure to be a cracker, with Alice playing great Bowls and Norm always coming home strong in the second half.

Men’s Triples:
This was a classic game from the outset, Peter Carey, Rod Greentree and Terry Sheen dropped a six on the very first end, this proved to be the only difference in the game as Peter just could not haul that six back. John Lang, Eric Swanson and Jim Verrall going onto win 25 to 20, Peter Carey’s team played magnificent bowls but Langy again proving the difference as he played some good “under pressure” bowls when his team was down.
One positive side for this game was that Terry was at the club when otherwise he wouldn’t have been there and you guessed it, out came his badge number for the $1000. A good amount of ales were consumed by Terry and his team with a few dollars out of the $1000 going back over the bar. Taxi!

Mixed Fours:
Gail Marczan, Kevin Jones, Heather Marczan and Merv Lavelle had an upset win against Trudy Sparrow, Geoff Hetherington, Win Beck and Wayne King 25 to 15. This was a good hard fought game by Merv and team, both teams played good bowls, well done. Pauline McCarthy, Stan and Marie White and Ted Butler had a close win against Carol Thomas, Eric Swanson, Merle Swanson and Jim Thomas 24 to 20, this was a close game from end one and with 3 ends to go either team could have won, Ted’s team played some good bowls when they were needed and this ensured them the win.
Amanda, Steve and Stefanie Cselka along with Coach Terry Sheen played good bowls to defeat Hilda Hardy, John Rodda, Barb Lee and skip Phil Wernicke 22 to 14. Amanda as lead was the form player for Terry with the majority of her bowls no more then a few feet from the kitty, this set the game up for them. Steve had an on and off day but pulled the shots off when Terry needed them. Both skips played some brilliant bowls and it was anyone’s game on the 15th end with only one shot in it. One Bowl by Stefanie was written off by Terry and Phil saying it was too narrow and short but the bowl kept going picking the jack up and following it in the ditch with an unbeatable bowl, 3 down to one up the result.

State Men’s 4’s Championships:
Langy, Owen Dory, Rod Greentree and Jimmy Thomas who was a substitute for Ted Butler went off to the State titles only to have a loss in the first round to Maitland 31 to 19. Early on we were down 12 to 1 and clawed our way back with the closest margin 19 to 14 then Maitland blew us off the green in the last 4 ends. Langy and the men would like to thank the Men’s Bowling Club and Club Limited for their generous support in their endeavor to win a state title. Maitland got knocked out in the next round by Halukalani skipped by Aaron Sheriff who eventually went on to win the title.

Roger’s Roundup:
It is great pleasure that I give my first report on a very successful year of operation of the Evans Head Bowling Club.
The past twelve months has seen good revenue growth in all of the clubs core trading areas.
The Director’s of the Club have been very professional in their planning and decision making processes and I would like to thank them for the clear direction over the past year, the Outdoor Smoking Terrace is a great example of this.
We are currently developing a strategic plan for the next ten years; the Directors will have some complex and onerous issues to deal with during this time.
Plans for the future are to extend the club east as we don’t have enough room to cater for everyone during our busy times. This extension will include a new 250 seat restaurant, multi function rooms, kid’s room and gym. These areas will develop new income streams for the Club plus providing better facilities for the members.
The continuing challenges with complying with changes to Government legislation and compliance have to be taken into account with these plans.
This year Poker Machine Tax $125,688.15, Payroll Tax $10,551.12 Workers Compensation $35,844.63 and Data Monitoring $15,542.43 and CDSE of $1470.00 are part of our contribution.
 I would like to thank the volunteers which are so vital to the operation of the Club. Without the support of the volunteers we would not be able to provide the current level of member’s benefits.
During the year the Members Badge Draws, Monster Raffles, Entertainment, Bingo, Tab, Keno & Bar promotions continue to be well supported by members with over $320,000 being spent on these members’ benefits during the period
To the Ladies and Men’s Bowling Club Committee’s thank you for your hard work during the year. To the Club Staff in all departments, thank you for making the Evans Head Bowling Club a warm and friendly place to visit.
To the Clubs Management Team of Brett Cooper, Margo Power and Tony Morgan thank you for your efforts and dedication to your position and to the club as a whole.
To all the Club members, thank you for your ongoing support and loyalty as this assures the continued viability of the Club.
Roger Hong
Secretary Manager

Women’s Bowls Roundup:
Evans Head Women’s Bowls Club held their Gala Day on the 19th Sept. It was opened by district president Dooren Bradford and was well attended by members and visiting clubs. The prizes wereshared by Evans Head, Ballina and South Lismore. Our special guests were life members Norma, Judy and Jean, Patrons Joan, Fran, Mavis, Win and Marie, Jack and Ruth Bowden. The special guests were presented with lovely orchid sprays, thanks Barbara. To everyone who helped set up and helped on the day a Huge Thank You.
Yvonne Marsden.

What’s coming up in November?
Don’t forget the following dates:

I found these jokes on an Irish Bowls Club Website:

Lead: "How much am I short?"
Skip: "You ought to know, you're closer to it"

Q: What do you do with someone who can't draw, can't roll the jack, can't set the mat, can't keep score and won't listen?
A: Make them skip

Till next month, keep them bowls close to the kitty.
Steve Cselka

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